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Many things can be lost when you move. In addition to furniture, office, and other large items, there are smaller items that need to be stored and arranged carefully. We want to come to your aid by offering a compartmentalized well guarded,storage space, spread over 1800 square meters..

Storing your furniture, beds or othe important objects in your basement is not the safest idea. Floods can occur, objects may mold or even worse, they may deteriorate.  Not even storage rooms are not always a good option. If we talk about documents, they must be kept for a suitable period, according to the law. The archived documents should be grouped into numbered, tied and paraphrased files, kept in specially arranged spaces, which should insure against degradation or theft. Beside this the place should be equipped with the legal means of fire prevention. We have spaces for your documents to be stored in the best conditions.

The price of one storage room of 10 square meters is  250 lei+TVA/month. Of course the price for bigger rooms is negotiable.

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